Mohsen Shabanian
Mohsen Shabanian

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mohsen shabanian

Mohsen Shabanian

Ramsar, Iran

Hello! I’m Mohsen Shabanian a self-study web developer with over five years of work experience. I started writing programs from students' projects at university. My first real job was working for a year for a company as a developer and support software products. between that making some little project for fun beside my original none technical job. In these years, I’m working alone as a freelancer or as a member of a temporary team for big contracts.

I liked to learn new concepts, technology, and tools, and accept new challenges. I enjoy being a member of teams for making new stuff.

Web Developer

Develop and Support

Electrical Engineer

Design, Make & Program

Video Game

Develop and Playing

MBA Degree

Learn and Practice

My Services

Make Website

Making e-commerce, company website, or blog with your custom design, content, and administrator system. change and add tools and utility that you need. Using .Net (c# lang.) or Laravel (Php lang.) or Other frameworks.

Develop Web-App

Develop Web-based applications such as office automation, accounting. Making web-based apps (such as React-Native) or PWA (Progressive Web App) for android or ios. Using SQL (like sql-server or MySQL)r or NoSql Database (like MongoDB or Postgres).

Native App

Making Windows application with visual studio and c#. Make a simple Android application with Android studio and java.

Support Apps

Support and consultant about applications whenever you need them and as soon as possible. Add new components or tools for your application or website.

My Interests

Video Game